Learning for Life Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school schedule?

        • LFLA is a year-round school, with week-long breaks approximately once per quarter
        • The school day is from 8:30-2:30 with 1:1 ABA pull-out during the day
        • The school follows Hillsborough County school schedule for most breaks and holidays as closely as possible

What is the classroom setup?

        • 5 students to 1 teacher and 1 aide ratio per classroom
        • Additional students may be present with a 1:1 aide present at all times

How does ABA therapy work at LFLA?

        • Every LFLA student will receive a minimum of 15 hours of ABA therapy per week
        • If a student needs more than 15 therapy hours, additional sessions can be scheduled subject to insurance authorization, and therapist availability
        • All ABA therapy is provided through Engage Behavioral Health
        • ABA therapy is not covered by tuition, and insurance authorization for ABA therapy is required
        • If an incoming student is already receiving ABA therapy with another company, their ABA authorization will be transferred to Engage Behavioral Health
        • ABA therapy sessions occur every school day so insurance co-pays may need to be taken into account when determining school cost

What curricula does LFLA use?

        • LFLA uses a variety of behaviorally based curricula to develop individualized goals for each student
        • If appropriate, these goals can be connected to the Access Points used in the public school system

What type of students are accepted?

        • LFLA accepts children with autism and other developmental delays starting at age 5 and up to age 13
        • Each child is assessed to ensure they are a good fit for one of our open classrooms prior to enrollment

Does LFLA have grades?

        • LFLA does not have grades
        • We use small class sizes and group students into classrooms with similar ages and learning abilities to be able to better tailor their educational plans

What is LFLA’s tuition?

        • Tuition is higher for students who need more support in the group environment based on their significant barriers to learning.
        • Tuition is $25,000 for students who do not need this additional support and $35,000 for students who do need additional support in the classroom
        • The out-of-pocket tuition payments are determined on a sliding scale based on the amount of scholarship money your child was awarded
        • Scholarships, as well as our pricing guidelines, allow us to put many families on payment plans that make our school more affordable for families.

What scholarships does LFLA accept?

        • McKay, Gardiner, Florida Tax Credit, and Hope Scholarships

Does LFLA provide breakfast or lunch?

        • Not at this time. Each student needs to eat breakfast before arriving at school and bring a lunch and snack each day

Does LFLA provide before or aftercare?

        • This service is not currently available. Children will need to be dropped off between 8:15 and 8:30, and picked up between 2:30 and 2:45

Does LFLA provide transportation?

        • This service is not currently available

How does the waitlist work?

        • Students are pulled from the waitlist in the order to be added. We also considering age and best classroom fit

What kind of materials do I need to provide?

        • Other than lunch and a snack, all school supplies and curricula are covered in our materials fee.
        • The materials fee is $500 for new students, and $350 for returning students
        • The materials fee can be paid for in full at the beginning of the year or broken into monthly payments.

Does LFLA provide other services such as Speech and Occupational Therapy?

        • LFLA is anticipating the ability to offer in house Speech and Occupational Therapy during the 2020-2021 school year

Does LFLA write IEPs?

        • LFLA does not write IEPs. However, we complete quarterly reports at the end of each quarter, explaining each students’ progress towards their goals.


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How do you know you are ready to schedule a tour?

You have a child ages 5 to 13 diagnosed with autism or other developmental delays

You currently have insurance that covers ABA therapy, and this has been verified by the ABA intake team

You currently have a scholarship accepted by LFLA

You have transportation available to drop off your child at 8:30 AM and pick up at 2:30 PM

If you meet the above criteria, and you’re interested in a tour, please contact Faith Woerner fwoerner@ebhealthgroup.com and Lacy Benton lbenton@ebhealthgroup.com with your availability

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