Students With Autism & Other Developmental Delays, Grades K Thru 5 At Our Tallahassee, Tampa & Riverview Locations
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At Learning for Life Academy we feel that special needs curriculum is not a “one size fits all” approach. Just as our students are diverse so are their materials. We are able to pull from an assortment of research-based special education curriculum in Tallahassee & Tampa, FL to best suit your child’s academic needs. Your child will be continually assessed throughout the year and their Education Coordinator will make adjustments to their academic programming. We are constantly researching new ways for our students to reach their potential and adding to our curricular repertoire.

Some of our special education curriculum includes:

  • SRA: Reading Mastery
  • Explode the Code
  • S.T.A.R. Program
  • Equals Math
  • Edmark Reading Program
  • Explode the Code
  • Sensible Pencil
  • Handwriting without Tears
  • S.S. Grin Social Skills
  • TeachTown Social Skills
  • TouchMath
  • Unique Learning Systems
  • News 2 You

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