Our Program

We are at the forefront of providing scientific, research-based intervention, and care to unlock the potential of our students.

Each child is unique; therefore, at Learning for Life Academy, every of our special education programs are developed to his or her needs. We:

    • Create highly structured, individualized programs
    • Apply the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Applied Verbal Behavior to our special needs classes
    • Develop programs to best work with our students’ learning styles
    • Assess each student’s skills on a daily basis to monitor progress and modify teaching strategies
    • Identify problems when they occur and look for ways to solve them
    • Track and measure progress
    • Have a low staff-to-student ratio, so students receive a high level of reinforcement to achieve optimal success


Students With Autism & Other Developmental Delays, Grades K Thru 5
At Our Tampa & Riverview Locations

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2:5 Current Teacher To Student Ratio

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